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Titling Journey

AutoPoint titling is provided by Title Technologies, LLC

Manual paperwork is tedious and significantly impacts your efficiency. Electronic Titling replaces those manual processes with a web-based, digital titling solution that streamlines the titling process and gets your customers on the road quickly. And our Nationwide Auto Titling (NAT) solution automatically calculates taxes and fees for every vehicle you have to title,
no matter which state it’s going to.

AutoPoint CRM Solutions

TitleTec: eTitling
Online Vehicle Titling Made Easy

Electronic Titling provides pre-populated forms and easy communication with government agencies, so your staff never has to stand in line at the DMV again. The solution also lets you issue temp tags on the spot and automatically calculates taxes and fees so you get the correct amount the first time.


Cloud-based titling

and electronic lienst


Modern and user-friendly

interface that’s flexible and intuitive


DMS integration

with all leading platforms


Customizable dealer form

parks and enhanced NMVTIS reports

Nationwide Auto Titling (NAT)
Nationwide Coverage, Reduced Costs

With online inventories and vehicle sales, many dealerships are selling more out-of-state vehicles than ever before. But your titling staff can’t remember taxes and fees for all 50 states. NAT gives you the correct total the first time so you can reduce refund checks and streamline the out-of-state titling process.


Real-time title and registration

fee and tax calculations


Eliminates refund checks,

Eliminates refund checks, DMV lines and manual processes


Standardizes a fast

seamless F&I process for your staff


Generates accurate

taxes and fees from the start

Temp Tags

The titling and registration process demands coordination. Our Temp Tags solution makes the job easy, with automated reporting to law enforcement and the DMV. Finish the jobs at the point of sale and let your customers drive off into the sunset.


Cloud-based solution

that requires no software or updates


DMS integration

with all leading platforms



forms and paperwork


Saves money

and time with F&I laser forms

Electronic Liens
Efficient Processing For Easy Titling

The DMV and local law enforcement aren’t exactly synonymous with “efficiency.” Our web-based Electronic Liens solution streamlines ELT processing and cuts costs so your staff remember the meaning of the word. Maintain your entire lien and title database electronically and take back all that lost time looking for and retrieving paper titles.

What The Experts Are Saying...

AutoPoint was founded in 2003 with the intent to create better tools for dealership service departments. We were a small company, hungry to innovate and provide our customers with the latest digital solutions to increase productivity and customer retention.

In 2014 our business was transformed—AutoPoint was acquired by Solera Holdings, Inc. With Solera’s resources and leadership principles, our once small company now dominates the fixed operations space and supports critical transactions across the vehicle lifecycle. We were hungry to be the best, and with Solera, now we are.

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