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Sales Journey

Know What Your Customers Want Before They Do

Most customers come to your sales lot having done a fair bit of research. They’re really only there to test drive the vehicle and sign paperwork. Sales Journey anticipates when your customers are likely to start looking for a new vehicle and sends targeted, relevant communications that address their specific needs.

Sales Conversion

The Sales pillar of our Journey uses sophisticated segmenting and targeting to bring customers into the dealership based on the precise selling points and deals they’re looking for—all while minimizing your cost and maximizing their in-store spend.

Increase your service revenue by capitalizing on customers who just purchased a vehicle from you. These 1st appointment calls increase sales-to-service conversion, while 2nd service and next appointment calls continue strong service-to-service retention and customer loyalty.

It’s 6-7x more expensive to acquire a customer than to keep one. The Nurture pillar of our Journey solution focuses on building customer loyalty to save on the expense and keep customers coming back.

Once you’ve established strong, positive relationships with customers, it’s crucial to maintain them with appealing opportunities.

  • Mid-Interval Communications: With a higher customer response rate and RO than minor reminders, Mid-Interval Communications have an overall response rate of 25% and average customer pay RO of $294.
  • Declined Service Communications: Over 20% of Loyalist customers returned to the Dealership after receiving a Declined Service Communication with an average RO of more than $338.

Keep a strong connection with your customers and they’ll return to you through all their vehicle touchpoints. These strategic communications are designed to keep customers loyal before they have the chance to stray to other dealers or aftermarket providers.

When customers do stray, Journey utilizes communications that target inactive customers up to 24 months after their last service to bring them back in. With Journey, the average reactivation customer spends over $250 per RO.

Marketing Solution Suite

Online advertising and social media marketing are now the most predominant—and profitable—customer engagement tools. AutoPoint’s cutting-edge omnichannel marketing solutions keep you ahead of your customers’ buying and servicing behaviors.

AutoPoint CRM Solutions

If You Build It, They Will Come

Customers aren’t always in a position to approve every service recommendation you make. It’s Retention’s job to bring them back for those deferred services. Our omnichannel approach is proven to draw customers in with friendly reminders, personalized follow-ups and knowledgeable support staff messages.


Thank you emails

after every customer visit


Professionally Trained

AP customer call support


Proven retention plans

that bring customers back


Increased service spend

Targeted Digital Marketing

Targeted Digital Marketing
Reach the Right Customer Every Time

Today’s saturated market makes it extremely difficult to break through the noise and make an impression. AutoPoint’s targeted digital marketing solution uses a unique combination of proprietary data to identify your customers and send relevant, hyper-targeted messages to the places they visit most.


Precise, timely communications

that capture the most receptive customers



specialized anti-fraud technology by DoubleVerify


Access to more

than 350 exchanges, networks and publishers


Increases exposure

to your target audience by 50%

On Demand
Get a Boost in Business with Ad-Hoc Marketing Campaigns

Whether it’s a slow week or a bout of bad weather, sometimes you need last minute campaigns to speed up lot traffic. On Demand is an ad-hoc marketing solution that lets you create beautifully-designed, professional mail and email campaigns in minutes.


Single hour speed

to market for email and next day USPS


Customer templates

for direct mail, email Facebook, etc.


Automated processes

reduce turnaround times



campaigns drive traffic 24/7

Building Customer Loyalty Has Never Been Easier

Our Loyalty solution takes your existing program to the digital space with automatic enrollment, points tracking and rewards. Your customers always know their loyalty status via push notifications and rewards updates. Loyalty goes beyond the manual systems to engage your customers and boost retention rates.


Customized points

by dollars spent or number of visits



with AP solutions Customer Journey and Driver Connect


Increases service retention

and decreases service interval


Easy to administer

with automatic enrollment

Find Every Customer with an Open Recall

Recall is our solution to help you analyze, extract and monetize recall data. Working directly with your DMS customer data, Recall runs searches and triggers mail, email and live call campaigns automatically, so your staff never wastes time on manual searches.


Communicates to “open”

vehicles when parts are available after safety recall notices


Reduces costs

by communicating only to your intended audience


Increases percentage

of responsive customers through omnichannel communication


Automatic recall notifications

to resolve delays in the reselling cycle

Driver Connect
Keep Customers Engaged

Powered by a strong database and integrated platform, Driver Connect deploys push notifications and geo-fencing to seamlessly schedule appointments and deliver service status updates. Customers using Driver Connect are 73% more likely to purchase a vehicle form the associated dealership and will make 25% more service appointments than non-app users.


New and used inventory

with request-a-quote and test-drive scheduling


Parts and service offers

promotions and service notifications


Automatic integration

with your DMS


Improves connection

with mobile-savvy customers

What The Experts Are Saying...

AutoPoint was founded in 2003 with the intent to create better tools for dealership service departments. We were a small company, hungry to innovate and provide our customers with the latest digital solutions to increase productivity and customer retention.

In 2014 our business was transformed—AutoPoint was acquired by Solera Holdings, Inc. With Solera’s resources and leadership principles, our once small company now dominates the fixed operations space and supports critical transactions across the vehicle lifecycle. We were hungry to be the best, and with Solera, now we are.

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