Written by Beth Walter, Sr. Product Manager – Digital Marketing

June 16, 2021

We all have heard of and configured campaigns to align with Google’s Micro-Moments in a Car Buyers Journey, right?

What you might find surprising is that matrix was developed in 2016.  Since then, a lot has happened, like a global pandemic,  which has altered the way people are shopping for cars as well as their expectations for the car buying process, as a whole.

Here are the current (2016) micro moments.  When we think about today’s landscape, it seems like we may be missing a few new,  and very important,  moments around experiences that involve digital retailing pick up and delivery and much more

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What if we expanded these moments and added some new trends as car buyers are considering options that did not even exist in 2016.

Before we consider “Which Car is Best”, do we need to think about “Which Type of Car” meaning hybrid or fully electric.  What about  “What Kind of OEM”, traditional or a new kid on the block like Tesla or Rivian.

“It is Right for Me”  now includes a whole host of new items to add into a potential buyers consideration set.  Things like telematics, in-vehicle internet, range (electric) and much more.

“Can I Afford It”  has really become predicated on the question of “what is my current car worth?”, especially with the proliferation of all of the trade in tools that can now be found on dealer’s websites as well as the fact that the trade in process has become the starting point for most digital retailing tools.

“Am I Getting a Deal” used to see a customer scouring various websites for hours for the best incentives or deals. Now, much of those comparisons have been curated, by OEM,  on 3rd party sites. This does not even take into consideration the fact that when customers are reaching the time that they are expected to be back in market, they are typically being proactively marketed to, via multiple sources, whether that be equity mining or a sales journey communication cadence.

Should we add a micro moment surrounding “What Type of Buying and Servicing Experience Do I Want?” Dealership vs. online (Carvana).  When I service, will there be pick-up and delivery option? Do I want a vehicle that can support over the air updates so that minor fixes can be sent to the vehicle automatically?

And finally, one more moment that we may want to add to the mix “How Do I Want to Buy” (100% online, have the paperwork ready when I get there, here’s some basic information, please get started or 100% in dealership).

A lot to consider….2016 was a long time ago!

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